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Archive for May, 2019

4th National Conference on Multiple Perspective on Inclusion, Transition and Disability


In consonance to Proclamation No. 361, Quote:  DECLARING THE THIRD WEEK OF JULY AS THE NATIONAL DISABILITY PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION WEEK WHICH SHALL CULMINATE ON THE BIRTHDATE OF THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC: APOLINARIO MABINI ON JULY 23 EACH YEAR,”     we are pleased to  invite everyone on the forthcoming 4th National Conference on Multiple perspectives on Inclusion, Transition & Disability, with a theme:  Theme:    Inclusive & Equitable Quality Education and Lifelong Learning  Opportunities for All (Incheon Declaration 2030 Goal 4).   

This is  our premier event, where the adoption of the Incheon Declaration for Education 2030, sets out a new vision for education for the next eleven years will be tackled.  The Incheon Declaration for Education 2030 aims at mobilizing all countries including the Philippines,  to ensure inclusive and equitable quality  education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.  

We have so much more to share, and so much more to do to impact more lives of PWDs.  Listen to top-notch speakers during the plenary sessions who will tackle on the following topics:

Equality and equity have been our advocacy for people with disabilities for almost three decades now.  Today, we are aiming to present clearer messages and a coordinated advocacy agenda to different stakeholders, government and policy makers.  Join us in this conference and be an advocate for the improvement of the total well-being of PWDs and their inclusion into the mainstream of society.

Sincerely yours,


President & Director

R.E.A.C.H., Inc.  – Organizer

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Seminar-Workshop on Teaching Language To Children With Autism &/Or Developmental Disorder

Teaching Language To Children With Autism &/Or Developmental Disorders
Dates: May 24-25, 2019 
Venue: R.E.A.C.H. Inc., 2nd Flr., Uniwide Sales Metro Mall,
#43 Real St. Pamplona, Las Piñas City

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of B.F. Skinner’s analysis of language to parents, educators, and other practitioners. A review of the primary verbal operant will be provided along with a video-taped review of teaching methods typically used to teach those skills. Some children with ASD may not talk at all while others may know words but not use them very often. There are varieties of research-proven techniques that can help teach students to speak more and to expand on the words they are using.
Participants will learn how to assess a child’s language abilities, and how to implement several important intervention strategies. A major emphasis will be placed on identifying methods to enhance and utilize motivational variables (establishing operations) to teach language in both structured teaching sessions and in daily activities. Techniques for coordinating the on-going decision making necessary for effective language intervention and methods of data collection and techniques of tracking the acquisition of the skills will be presented.

At the end of the two day seminar-workshop, the participants will be able to:
1. Identify examples of B.F. Skinner’s verbal operants;
2. Describe how curricular variables affect the motivation of young children with autism and other developmental disorders;
3. How teaching a child to mand for reinforcers results in the development of several other important learner skills;
4. Identify methods for developing and maintaining the motivation of young children with autism and other developmental disorders;
5. Conduct an initial behavioral language assessment such as to determine the most appropriate initial language intervention for young children with language delay;
6. Identify the criteria for selection of the initial words to teach young children who do not have expressive language skills;
7. Identify the critical elements of discrete trials instruction; 
8. Explain how to perform a correction procedure in situations in which the student provides an incorrect response; 
9. Explain how to develop intraverbal skills (ability to talk about people, items, places, events and experiences); 
10. Identify how the critical elements of discrete trial instruction can be implemented within the child’s typical daily events.

Who are invited?
• School administrators/Principals
• Regular and SPED teachers
• Curriculum Developers
• Guidance Counselors
• Social and Health workers
• Professionals from related disciplines (e.g., Psychologists, Occupational, Speech-Language, Physical Therapists, ABA specialist, etc.)
• College Administrators, College Professors/ Instructors, College/MA/Ph.D. Students


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Monday-Saturday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

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