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Implementing Effective Sensory Diets for Children/Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability & Sensory Modulation Disorder

Implementing Effective Sensory Diets for Children/Teens with  Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Attention Deficit &  Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability  & Sensory Modulation Disorder

Dates: October 4 & 5, 2018

Venue: R.E.A.C.H., Inc. Training Hall, 2nd Flr., Uniwide Sales Metro Mall, Alabang-Zapote, Las Piñas City.

Overview: Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) impacts a person’s ability to translate signals from the senses properly. One important component of sensory processing is sensory modulation, which is the ability to respond appropriately to incoming sensory information. While this can be a stand-alone disorder in some individuals, we commonly see modulation issues overlap with ASD, ADHD, LD, and SPD. The use of a sensory diet is a research-based method of providing these individuals with the sensory input they need to function their best. This practical and evidence-based seminar will equip therapists (beginning to intermediate level), teachers, and caregivers with the ability to determine the sensory needs of the child and implement a sensory diet to meet the child’s needs effectively.

Objectives: At the end of the training, participants will:

  1. Identify the three types of sensory modulation disorders.
  2. Utilize assessment results to formulate an effective sensory diet plan.
  3. Understand the essential components in teaching self-modulation skills.
  4. Access research-based tools for creating visual sensory diet supports.
  5. Utilize provided forms and checklists to empower parents and teachers to support the children in their daily environments.
  6. Identify sensory strategies to appropriately meet the needs of individual clients
Who are invited?
  • School administrators/Principals
  • Regular and SPED teachers
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Social and Health workers
  • Professionals from related disciplines (e.g., Psychologists, Occupational, Speech-Language, Physical Therapists, ABA specialist, etc.)
  • College Administrators, College Professors/ Instructors, College/MA/Ph.D. Students


Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

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#43 Real St., Pamplona, Las Piñas City


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