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Seminar-Workshop on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Students with ADHD


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for  Students with ADHD

CHED Endorsement Dated May 23, 2017

December  1 – 3, 2017  R.E.A.C.H., Inc., 2nd Flr., Uniwide Sales Metro Mall,

#43 Real St. Pamplona, Las Piñas City

  Overview: In most cases, medication while helpful for a person with ADHD, is not sufficient to meet their needs.  The medication helps the person focus, but it doesn’t tell what to focus on. These describes a long-standing problems of attentional focus, distractibility, failure to complete short and long-term tasks and projects, disorganization, and tardiness that had persisted from childhood and had impaired their academic and occupational performance over the years, and generated considerable emotional distress.  Given the pronounced difficulties in everyday executive self-management experienced by a person with ADHD, and insufficiency of medication to address these difficulties, it became clear that a new psychosocial intervention is needed. Objectives: At the end of the three-day seminar workshop, the participants will:
  1. Develop a program that is sufficiently intensive and extensive to bring about enduring change in behavior – including development of new skills, behavioral repertoires, and adaptive cognitions to circumvent and compensate for the deficits associated with ADHD;
  2. Lean to plan a tailor –made therapy to individual cases;
  3. Review evidence base for cognitive-behavioral therapy;
  4. Deliver a program that is practiced and can be easily incorporated into the activities of daily life in a way that becomes habitual and automatic;
  1. Develop manualized program that could be replicated and researched under controlled conditions, and disseminated to other therapists who work with individual with ADHD.
Who are invited?
  • School Administrators & Policy Makers
  • Regular/SPED Teachers
  • Related Disciplines (Psychologists, PTs/OTs, SLPs, Social Workers, Mental Health Practitioners, etc.)
  • Anyone who works with children
  • College Students
  • Parents


Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Visit Us:
2nd Flr., Uniwide Sales Metromall,
#43 Real St., Pamplona, Las Piñas City


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